After a horrible Monday and Tuesday…Improvement

Monday and Tuesday were really bad days for Taylor. The doctors were having a difficult time controlling her pain. They finally figured out that one problem was that the spinal catheter and/or automated medication device was not working at all. They had to re-do the spinal catheter and were having a hard time getting it right. As a result, they had to “stick” her 6 more times before they could it reestablished.

She was also hallucinating badly and as a result of being over medicated was unable to sleep. She was finally able to fall asleep around midnight Tuesday and was able to sleep all night. Taylor woke this morning with no more hallucinations!!! She is off the narcotics and is receiving a little anesthesia to keep her legs numb via the spinal catheter.

Also, Channel 10 News came to the hospital this afternoon to cover Taylor and her story. They will be airing the report about Taylor tonight on the 11:00pm news. If you have a chance please tune in and check it out. The segment will be available on tomorrow sometime. Also, feel free to pass information about the news story along to anyone you may know so that we can continue to spread the word.

Taylor and her family continue to be amazed by the outpouring of compassion and support by friends, both new and old, as well as by those that we’ve never even met. Your generosity has been extraordinary and it’s encouraging that in such a fast paced world, that people would stop what they’re doing to consider helping a young woman in her hour of need.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, for your support and compassion, and for the knowledge that Taylor and family aren’t going through this alone. You’ll never know how much it means to us all.


If you would like to make a donation to Team Taylor you may do so online via credit or debit card by clicking the button on the right side of the page.


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5 thoughts on “After a horrible Monday and Tuesday…Improvement

  1. Taylor, God Bless you and your family! We were so sorry to hear this news but know that even in the military community as the time goes on and people move away, the minute we got this news we began to pray for you and your precious family. We will never forget the times we all spent doing activities back here when our Marines (your Dad & My spouse) were gone to Iraq. The Lord as given you such strength and continue fighting as we know one day you will be an inspiration to other to make them fight and not give up. Know you are in our thoughts and prayers daily with your entire family.

  2. Taylor, it was great to see you awake and talking on the video the news station posted. I will continue to pray and think of you and your family during this extremely difficult time of your life. Stay strong girl, you can do this!

  3. Practical advise from someone who has been there: Bed sores are a real danger now. Family needs to take over her care and feeding as much as possible. Water is the best cleanser for her backside, keep turning her to her sides as much as she can handle while you are visiting. Chemical cleansers break down the skin quickly. Water allows the skin to preserve itself. Really.
    Also, lots of fresh vitamin A and B sources. Hospital food is lethal and not healing. Squash, cantalope, carrots, peaches, apricots, etc., and brown rice for the B’s.
    My 25 year old son incurred a brain injury over 12 years ago. 6’5″, 225 and in fantastic physical shape, he survived, but could not speak, see or move when he came out of his coma. I have been his eyes, hands, and feet for these years.
    Prayer, from others and our own, have kept us living in Grace throughout this tragedy. God will carry you through this.
    My heart has been with you constantly since I heard what has happened to your beautiful daughter.
    I know what you are going through and can only offer this advise: Pray. Before every decision made, Pray.
    They wanted to perform 3 different surgeries on my son while he was in the hospital and rehab. I prayed my way through my decisions and denied them all. Hard to stand up to “Authority” but in the end I am so glad I did. He didn’t need any of them.
    Trust in God. Not doctors. They are only human. They are not God.
    God can do anything. Doctors can only cut and prescribe.

  4. A friend of mine posted a link to Taylor’s story on her Facebook. After I read it, I couldn’t not donate. I’m the mother of young children myself and my family is part of the Marine Corps family as well. My heart aches for Taylor and the whole family and I’ll keep all of you in my prayers. Please know that your story is reaching people across the country – I’m from all the way in Little Rock, AR!

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