Taylor and Aiden Reunited

“Aiden seeing mommy for the first time since May 16th. It made my heart smile.♥”

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11 thoughts on “REUNITED!!!!

  1. Taylor – You and your family are so strong, you all inspire me! I just donated money. I’ll donate some more, the end of the month, when I get my next paycheck. PLEASE do not have anyone in your family take the time to write me a thank you note. Have them spend the time doing something nice for you!! Please thank your amazing dad, for me, for his service to our country. Your mom should be thanked, too, because she is the “wind beneath his wings.” Continue to be strong, my dear!! Fondly, Karen Frongello

  2. Taylor, my husband and I are praying daily for you and your family. We are also committed to giving financially to help you all in facing the future. Hold on to your faith and know that God does have a plan and a destiny for you. Stay strong and don’t give up.

  3. I really want you to have everything was fine! you’re lovely, charming and incomparably beautiful girl charm which I was doubt, all will prekrasno.i know you have a friend in Russia)

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